Tech continues to be implemented in grand new avenues and as we start to wear smart glasses, smart watches, and even smart clothes, so too are our very homes becoming smarter. With devices like nest, users are able to control the thermostat and Amazon’s Echo serves as a voice activated hub to your home, Americans are able to control their comfort to precision. Spending more and more hard earned cash on devices to keep your home in the future, it would then be disastrous to ignore the security of your home.
In addition to the standards of locks, sensors, and video cameras, Central Alarm is staying on the cutting edge with our Eagle Eye Video set ups, allowing customers to access their home’s security from the touch of an app on their smartphone. With video verification to alarm systems, the result is so much more valuable. Police receive enhanced intelligence on the ongoing situation, while homeowners have greatly increased peace of mind knowing exactly what is occurring.
Of course, that’s just security from outsides forces. Remember to always keep your smoke alarms charged and operational. With our smoke alarms these systems are integrated with the alarm panel allowing Central Alarm to quickly dispatch the necessary fire department teams to save your home from catastrophic damage.
Connectivity is increasingly the way of the now and while updating your home to respond to voice commands is a ton of fun, it’s always prudent to be making upgrades to keep your home or business, belongings and family secure. With Central Alarm, you’ve never been in better hands.

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