Statistics will show that the number of robberies that occur while people are out of their homes is much higher than when they are inside of their homes. In a strange way, if someone breaks into your home and you aren’t there, then you might have saved your life with your absence. Additionally, it’s always important to remember that unlike your belongings, your electronics, your photos, etc. you can never be replaced. But sometimes, robbers end up racking in a lot more than only items, they steal a massive amount of wealth.
Seeing as celebrities seem to be the wealthiest in the country compared to the average person, here are some pretty substantial robberies right out of Hollywood…
Audrina Patridge
Back in 2009 on the night of the Academy Awards, a young couple, both man and woman, broke into Audrina Patridge’s house and stole $43,000 worth of items. Some of the items included designer jeans, her passport, laptop, as well as some of her grandmother’s jewelry. She released security camera footage of the scene online in an effort to have the thieves caught, but no one could identify them.
Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox
During the fall of 2009, Green and Fox were in New York shooting a film that Green was in. Unfortunately, their long absence cost them, because someone had broken into their home and stolen a few items. Luckily nothing that was stolen was of great significance. Missing objects include a number of Fox’s shirts, as well as a Sig Sauer .380 semi-automatic handgun.
Paris Hilton
For whatever reason, Paris Hilton was an extremely easy person to rob. In fact, she was robbed five different times within three months. She must have taken security pretty lax, because the robbers kept using the key she had under the door mat. Altogether, she lost over $2 million worth of items.

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