Hey there and welcome back to our small two-part series going over some past celebrity-related robbery stories. We feel bad that Paris Hilton had been robbed five times within three months, but she should have been smart enough to know that leaving a key under the door mat is basically a welcome message to robbers! So, want to learn a bit more about who lost what and how much it was worth? We have some additional names you’ll recognize to finish off this series.
Rachel Bilson
Again, another case similar to what happened with Paris Hilton! Except Bilson’s case is even worse. In fact, Bilson was robbed an entire 6 times in two months. I suppose the robbers didn’t have much to worry about, though, seeing as the events took place while Bilson was in Canada with her fiancé at the time, Hayden Christiansen. The robbers stole nearly $130,000 worth in items, including all of her designer label clothing and certified vintage shoes.
Kirsten Dunst
Back in 2007, which was quite a long time ago now that we think about it, actress Kirstin Dunst was robbed while filming the movie “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.” Somehow, a person robbed her Manhattan hotel penthouse suite. They walked away with a whopping handbag worth $13,000, $2,500 in cash, a cell phone, a few credit cards, as well as her “Spider Man” ID card.
Kate Moss
Massive supermodel Kate Moss was robbed while she was actually sleeping in her own home in London! The robbers only took three pieces of her artwork, which valued at a pretty substantial amount of money. In fact, one of the paintings that was stolen was a portrait completed by Banksy, which was estimated to be worth nearly $140,000.
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