The past two weeks on the Central Alarm blog we’ve looked at the long and storied past of lock making. Now we turn our eyes to the future! What does the security of tomorrow look like? Retinal scans? Telepathy attuned locks? Genetic blood scanners? Ok, maybe only one of those is really on the horizon but let’s look at some other ones that are sure to be here soon!
Long the de facto lock system of science fiction, the fingerprint scanner lock has long been on the minds of man. After all, our fingerprints are unique right? Whatever better key could you ask for? Well, biometric locks like these can be bought from your local home improvement store right now! Smaller padlock style fingerprint locks recently saw a big boon with the funding of the TAPP Lock on crowdfunding sites. It’s clear fingerprints are key plenty of people are looking to use.
Another key everyone carries with them at just about all times of the day is their smart device. Lock companies like Yale (that’s right, the company of that guy who made that pin tumbler lock) have gotten into the business of creating locks that will open with a wave of your smartphone. These types of locks utilize applications on your phones, allowing you to customize access rights for users, some up to 30!
What about those retina scanners mentioned earlier? Well if you’re looking to get your home sealed up with eye scanners you’re in luck. Companies like EyeLock are working on bringing that kind of security to wider markets. Granted it is still the purview of businesses; there can be no doubt that as the tech gets better developed, it’ll filter down to individual consumer use.
Those are just a few of the possible future techs making their way to market. Until then you can always count on us at Central Alarm to keep you and yours safe.

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