This month on the Central Alarm Blog we have been giving you lots of information about crime and the nature of deterrent. All of this is to give you the stats, the hard numbers you may need to make whatever choice. Previously we mentioned the deterrent factor of security systems and provided the numbers to back it up. This entry is going to continue with that same train of thought and look at the times when crimes are, statiscally more likely to occur!
Speaking seasonally, crime is more likely to occur during summer than any other time of the year.  Most property theft occurs during the day (as defined by being between 6 AM and 6 PM) except motor vehicle theft. Those occur almost entirely (over 70 percent!) at night.  These are of course national averages and may vary. If crime is more likely in the summer due to warmer conditions and people being generally more active in the day, then that can be a problem for Tucson or other places that have warmer weather throughout the year. Not to mention winter holidays as the absolute peak of thefts as folks everywhere are having things delivered, it feels as if there isn’t a ‘safe season.’
The truth of the matter is that these are largely averages, that things can happen at any time, for better or worse. But if we take all this information as a part of larger whole, including it with the statistics on prevention we discussed previously we could draw important conclusions.
Regardless of the time of day or year, security measures will cut the likelihood of being a victim drastically. But if there’s one thing that can be counted on, is that crime is hardly predictable, unfortunately. That’ll do us for this week on the Central Alarm Blog; we hope we haven’t pained too bleak a picture. Despite all of these statistics given, crime is down as a whole, and we are living in safer and safer times. But until crime ceases to be entirely, there will still be a need for security.