Welcome back to our two part series about how to better keep yourself safe while running outside! We covered two very important tips in the first segment of our series, and we will round out by mentioning a few final tips that you should keep in mind and implement in your life.
So without further ado, let us pick up where we last left off…
Tip 3: Bring a companion along for your run! Whether you bring a pet with you, a friend, or even another family member, the surest way to stay safe while running outdoors is to have someone with you at all times. Not only does this help to keep you safe, but the “buddy system” is also a great way to stay motivated to work out.
Tip 4: If you cannot bring anyone with you while you are going out for a run, you can always try out a different number of apps on your phone. For instance, if you and your friends have iPhones, you can use the “Find My Friends” application that lets you track where your friends and family are in your city. Additionally, other workout apps let you connect with other runners on the road for a feeling of larger, communal safety.
Tip 5: Piggybacking off of tip 4, you should always, always keep your phone on you while you go out for a run, and make sure that it is sufficiently charged before you do so. Even if you do not listen to music while you run, having a phone on your person is the only way that someone will be able to contact you, or that you will be able to contact them in case of an emergency.
Tip 6: We advise that if you like to listen to music, you do so at a lower level so that you can hear the traffic and buzz around you. After all, if you’re running in a busy area, you will need to be alert and aware of your surroundings!
Stay safe out there and enjoy your run!