Keeping your home safe for you and your family should always be a priority. This safety includes having a properly functioning smoke alarm that is in good working condition. There are a number of ways to maximize the productivity of today’s modern smoke alarms or smoke alarm systems. The first is proper routine maintenance. To accomplish this, smoke alarms should be inspected at least once every month.
Change The Batteries
As a precaution, randomly push the test button on your smoke alarm system to see if it is working properly. One thing to remember is to avoid painting over any component of a smoke alarm or smoke alarm system. Additionally, homeowners should keep a record of when batteries have been changed and remember to replace batteries throughout the year. This will help to ensure normal and uninterrupted functionality of your device. Any alarm that is over 10 years old be replaced. If you are unsure of the age of the smoke alarm, simply replace the unit just to be safe.
Plan An Escape Route
Homeowners should always keep in mind that any time a smoke alarm is activated it is best to evacuate the home as quickly as possible. One of the most effective ways of having a successful evacuation is to practice and have occasional drills with your family. Plan an escape route and then conduct actual fire drills at least once a year with your family members. Even the best smoke alarm cannot help if you are not able to efficiently and quickly evacuate a home when required. There should be two ways to exit every room in the house.
Purchase A Folding Ladder
This can include exiting a window if necessary and should be practiced if needed to ensure a successful egress. Everyone in the family should understand all escape routes and how to use them effectively. Safety drills can also include practicing convening at a post-exit meeting place outside the home. Some homeowners may choose to purchase a folding ladder in the event that escape through an upper window is an option. Contact Central Alarm today for quality Arizona home safety services and products.

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