Today, more than ever before homeowners are concerned about the possibility of a home invasion. When thieves or robbers force their way into your home this is known as a home invasion. Even those in a hotel room or apartment can be subjected to the dangers of invasion. In most cases, home invasions happen right through the front door of the house. In other cases, criminals invading a home may come through a garage or an unlocked window. Either way it is important to exercise extreme caution so that you do not fall victim to this type of crime.
Extremely Dangerous Home Invaders
One excellent tip to help avoid a home invasion is to never open the door without thoroughly screening the person on the other side.. Potentially dangerous home invaders typically knock on the door or ring the door bell in the anticipation that the homeowner will just open the door willingly and giving them the chance to get inside. Never give home invaders the upper hand by opening a door without asking questions or contacting the police if needed.
Expecting A Package Or Delivery
Another safety tip includes always arming your security system, even when you are at home. Avoid relying solely on chain-latched barriers or devices, as these can be easily broken. Home invaders have been known to kick doors in without reservation. Homeowners expecting a package or delivery should never open the door without verifying the delivery. This may require calling the delivery company to confirm that an official delivery person is indeed present.
Choose To Add A Panic Button
In short, the front door of a home should always remain closed and locked unless you are absolutely sure of who is on the other side. Further, always keep garage doors and other exterior doors and windows locked at all times even when at home. Some homeowners may choose to add a panic button to their security system as a way to increase safety.
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