Last month Amazon released their new gizmo, the Dash Wand. A handheld device that allows you to scan products to easily order more and resupply. It’s just another in the lengthy line of smart devices meant to make home life easier. Along with the Nest, Google’s Home, Apple’s iHome or HomePod, all of these electronics are attempting to simplify, streamline, or otherwise elevate the operation of homes. Security systems have been doing this for a while if you think about it, but what strides is the smart movement making in home security? Here are a few of the better, ‘smart’ products for home security on the market today.
Be0n Starter Pack
These smart bulbs aren’t cheap, but their functionality is next level. These bulbs can keep glowing bright when power goes out, or be set to automatically turn on when any number of settings are triggered, doorbell being run or alarm set off. They can even be set to replicate your routine lighting patterns when you’re away.
August Smart Lock
We have talked about smart locks before on the blog but here is one of the better ones on the market. It easily syncs up with other smart house device HomeKit for simple interfacing and ease of use.
SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Want to know who is at the door ringing? The SkyBell brings 1080p resolution and integrating with Alexa, Nest, and others makes it a stand out.
Kuna Toucan
This outdoor smart camera has subtle design and look, but includes alarms and comes with free cloud storage for 2 hours of video that can be upgraded for more.
Any of these devices can be useful one-off additions to your home’s security, but when paired with a proven, effective security system then you expand the defense of your home and ability to protect your family and valuables.

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