Homeowners have many options when it comes to security. As the final say on what happens to their property they have complete power. But not everyone owns their own home, not everyone has the power to determine where to screw stuff into walls or install in the windows. Some folks are renters or live in apartment complexes and they are 85% more likely to experience a burglary! So here are some tips to help you maintain security.
Know Thy ‘Hood
If you have yet to move in to your next place, or are still looking, research the neighborhood thoroughly to get an idea of what your situation might end up like. Use websites or apps like Safe Neighborhood or StreetAdvisor or even directly from the police. As your insurance rates for home, car, and rent are all influenced by location, it is an excellent idea to have a better idea of how your neighborhood stacks up.
Dead Bolt Doors
The door is the first defense, and also the first-place thieves attempt to get in through. So focusing your efforts on getting those in check is time well spent.  Beefing up your door with a deadbolt, either by asking the apartment or homeowner to do so or doing it yourself with their approval is a great start. You can also get a chain lock. Also look at the strike plate on the door. This piece of metal plating is what protects your lock from outside interference. Chances are this plate is old, loose, and beaten up. Replacing the plate is a good idea.
Work on those Windows
Right behind doors in the ‘breaking into me’ charts are windows. Secure these with devices that can detect and sound alarms when a window is broken or jostled violently. Other tips include clearing back vegetation or shrubbery from the window so there are no hiding places for ne’er do wells to creep, and using a rod on the tracks  of the window to prevent it from being opened.
These have been just a few tips to ensure your apartment or rental living situation is the most secure. But there is still much to go over! Come back next time where we will go over several more tips, including apartment friendly security and alarm systems. Stay safe!

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