Welcome back to the Central Alarm blog. As always, we have been working to deliver actionable info to keep your home, loved ones, and belongings safe. Last entry we went over some tips for those who are renting homes or apartments. Briefly, that means securing your door with better locks, keeping windows clear of bushes and with a bar or rod keeping them shut, as well as knowing the neighborhood you’re moving in.
Apartment Friendly Alarm
Usually, home security systems are installed and monitored and you pay a monthly fee. This can be a problem with renters. Moving around frequently can increase the costs as they must get multiple installations and many companies won’t work with renters for a variety of reasons. To handle this, you can look for companies that specifically deal with renters or invest and create your own home security network using one of the many devices we’ve spoken of previously.
Something like the Canary, an all in one home security device, housing a siren alarm, motion activated recording, automatic arming and disarming. It’s about the size of a bottle and includes motion sensors and isn’t drastically expensive. Keep one of these in your home, the main room perhaps, and you’ll be alerted should anyone break in.
Renter’s Insurance
Ok, it might not be the most preventative measure, but if something should happen you’ll have some recourse. It’s a pretty excellent value and most cover not only theft but vandalism, fire and water damage, amongst others. Consider it.
Know thy ‘Hood Pt. II
Knowing your neighbors and/or landlord can go a long way to protecting your home. For one they’ll be familiar with who is and isn’t supposed to be around, but you can also arrange to look after each other’s places on vacations, all of which will build a safer environment for you and yours. Likewise, keep an open channel with your landlord, letting them know if anything suspicious is going down. By everyone working together you’ll be much more secure.
We hope this month’s tips, tricks, and info have helped you live a more secure and safe life. We will see you next time, until then keep enjoying the summer!

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