Here at Central Alarm, we are always striving to provide the best, the most advanced, and most importantly the most secure alarm and security systems for residences and businesses. For over 75 years we have adapted and evolved with the industry to ensure our customers always received the best protection against unwanted entry, or other crime. We also understand that not everyone wants, or thinks they need, an overly complex alarm system. To that end we wanted to write up this blog to describe some simple home alarm systems, and more importantly just how simple our systems really are.
Simple Home Alarms
What some may not realize is just how simple basic home security really is. A lot of that has to do with just not understanding the systems in place or how an open window causes security services to be alerted. We have covered this on the blog before but let us reiterate it briefly.
The simplest in-home alarms are based on circuits. Windows and window frames or doors and their frames are equipped with what usually look like two boxes. These house sensors that when they are moved away from each other (via the act of opening the door or window) break the circuit inside the device. This causes an alarm to be triggered as the ‘Safe’ circuit is broken.
That’s it. With these simple devices installed on doors, window, and all other points of entry you have a simple home alarm system. No keypad or panel that some may think of when they think home security. With these installed, Central Alarm monitors the information coming from your homes point of entry and if any are triggered they can proceed to the next step, either alerting you, security systems, or however you decide to program your home’s security.
This is often the foundation of all other security or home alarm systems as detecting unpermitted entry is the number one desire of security. If you later wish to add features, such as motion detecting alarms or cameras, those systems can easily be installed at a later date. Getting these simple alarms are the biggest step to preventing and halting intruders.
Our home alarm systems while maybe having are simple to use, not to circumvent and that means you and yours are safe. If you are looking for that sense of security and wish to set up a home security system simply contact us at Central Alarm and we will get you started on the path to peace of mind. If you have recently moved into a home with a system already installed, or have previously worked with another company, we can access the information necessary to get your already existent home security on our time-tested services.

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