When it comes to security systems, one of the most frequent questions we see here at Central Alarm is ‘Which alarm system is best?” While there are a number of top end, high quality, full featured security solutions out there, they don’t necessarily mean that they are the best for you. To that end, we prepared this blog to help you navigate the many options and understand what security or alarm system set up would be best for you!
Which Alarm System is Best for Home
The alarm system that’s best for home is the one that you use. Take an inventory round your home for possible security gaps. Doors, windows, garages. Do you have a yard that backs up into an alley? No fence? Look for these potential entrances for an intruder to make an approach. If you have a large number of windows and doors consider sensors for each. Yard that is easily accessible from the street? Motion controlled cameras or flood lights can give ne’er do wells pause.
Which Alarm System is Best for Apartment
When it comes to apartments security systems can need to be a bit more tailored. If you are in an apartment on the second floor or higher, window sensors might not be on the Necessary list of home security. Apartments also have managers, security, or help who may have keys. Never mind that former tenants might have made copies. Essentially, when it comes to apartments there are many more angles of entry through the door, even with a lock! A smaller motion controlled camera for the inside of your apartment can see a lot of use as you keep an eye on who is entering your space.
Regardless of house or apartment, if you are renting your home you will want to ensure that you are able to install a system. If you aren’t able to, or you don’t want them to know then perhaps you want to find temporary, or a portable security solution. A number of products exist on the market to fit the portable security niche. These can be things as simple as a camera and smart phone app program that keep you in control of your own surveillance and security, or extra locks.
To put simply, there is no one size fits all home security solution. And there shouldn’t be! Instead, tailoring security to your own individual needs will give you the exact coverage you need, nothing more and nothing less. Reach out and together we can custom design and install your home security giving you the best alarm system for home, apartment, shed, or shack – your alarm system.

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