As we start this year off on the right foot, we are sticking to the old classics and standard topics of home alarm and security. Over the last few months, we have run the gamut, talking about the newest apps, wireless devices, and such. Great topics all of them and full of interesting, relevant information to our services. But we are starting 2018 fresh and that means going back to basics a little bit.
To that end, we are going to be talking about the biggest entrance to your home and valuables. The garage door. Here are some things to consider when putting your garage door in your security system plans.
garage door security
Garage Door Security
If your garage door is electric, remember you need to have the means to open the door manually.  Seems a silly oversight, but you don’t want to be one of those unlucky people who find themselves locked outside of their home because of a power outage.
Garage doors with outdoor keypads may seem like a solid option, after all they are so incredibly convenient. But remember that convenience for you can be a convenience for would-be thieves as well. Some thieves may be able to manipulate the keypad/device and get access to your home – even without the combination!
Don’t neglect garage door maintenance either! These big doors rely on electrical and mechanical parts to keep them operating optimally. Wear and tear over the years can cause the functional security of your door to dwindle down. If your door is older than 10-12 years, a yearly routine maintenance can see your door functioning and keeping you secure for a lot longer yet.
As always, keep your own personal safety in mind with the garage as well. Have sensors that keep the door open if they detect something – that means a person, a box, or pet as well! If you are ever working on the garage door system itself, the pulley and chain that manipulates the door up and down, make sure you have a partner or friend nearby to help you.
Garage doors are often literally the biggest opening into your home. It would only stand to reason that it is a sensitive target for thieves and a point of protection for you. If you need a security or alarm system to further secure your home or any other security systems, contact us at Central Alarm and together we can provide you the peace of mind you seek.

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