Welcome back to another entry here on the Central Alarm blog! We hope you took advantage of some of those great events Tucson has to offer we discussed last time. This time we wanted to take our time together to talk about a half of our business that doesn’t see much discussion: business security systems.
business security system
It makes sense right? Think about it. In our daily lives, what do we do? We wake up at home, go to work for 8 to 10 hours (if we are lucky) and then back home.
Protecting your home is, of course, a critical step in protecting your families and your belongings. But if you think a bit further upstream, protecting your business is protecting your financial security, which in turn is what is able to provide for your family as well.
Listen, maybe this is just a bit clumsy way to get at it, but our point is that securing and protecting your business should be considered just as important as your home security.  Here are some of the ways in which Central Alarm can secure your business and keep your work life safe.
Burglar and security systems are pretty clear cut. These simple to use systems will alert us of any unauthorized entrances and quickly send a response to the police but also to you letting you know of any occurrence on the premises.
Open and Close Reporting
By having tighter security in check we can also implement Open/Close reporting for you. You will know who opened the business and when. This creates an even more rigorous knowledge of the day-to-day goings on, even if there is no burglar or security incident.
Fire Alarm and Monitoring Service
Depending on the business you are running, a fire burning unchecked can range from a disaster to actual cataclysmic catastrophe. The different between losing an office space and losing office space, product, assets, and more. From losing today’s money to losing tomorrow’s too. That is why, no matter the field, a fire alarm and monitoring service is an absolute must.
Card Entry
Locks are the bread and butter of any business security system. The frontline of defense when it comes to intruders and protecting what is inside. Old school, analog lock and keys have a number of vulnerabilities that cards eliminate. Switching from keyrings to key fobs brings your business to a new level of security.
Camera Systems
Camera systems are everywhere. Imagine every store you go into, every business you see the ubiquitous dark spheres in the corners of rooms. We are not able to be everywhere at once, that’s just the fact of the matter. But by constructing a system of cameras to create lines of sight on your entire office or facility you can be certain that should anything go wrong and you have to go back to the tapes, you’ll be able to find what you are looking for.
Security systems for business are about much more than simple theft and fire. The unfortunate truth is that while we like to believe our coworkers, employees, and managers are our work family, they can also be the cause of frustration and headache. By having these measures in place you are creating an environment that is not only safe, but also of accountability.
If someone slips at work and incur and injury, you will have the footage to be sure that they not only get their coverage but also, should there have been something less than above board happening you can protect yourself and other employees from having to handle the burden.
Long story made short, putting in security systems in your business go a long way to protecting everyone involved. From acts of god to unfortunate faults of man, you can be sure that you have a handle on the situation and the tools necessary to properly address them.
If you need to upgrade your businesses current security, give us a call and together we can create a safe environment, a protected place of business, and a watching eye to give you peace of mind.

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