When it comes to running a small business, owners look for the most cost-effective ways to make everything run smoothly. They are not Amazon, they do not have trillions to throw around to solve every possible problem that comes their way. Not that any of them would, cut corners or skimp on any important features but keeping the business in the black is priority numero uno. To that end, this time on the Central Alarm blog, we wanted to talk about the importance of small business security systems and how the small expense now can keep your business profitable in the long run.
small business security
Security systems, alarms, cameras and the other equipment that come standard in a comprehensive security system are crime deterrents. We have talked about how useful they are in deterring home burglaries and the same is true for businesses. 40% of those convicted burglars (from that study linked) said that the presence of security systems would cause them to stop or choose another target and if an alarm sounded? Most would high tail out of there. Having a security system in place in your business is step one to preventing theft or worse.
Similar to acting as a deterrent, the system allows for control of who has access to the building or premises. Being able to monitor any movements into and out of the business. This helps manage employees allowing only authorized access to specific places or areas of the business and helps keep a record of all accesses. This is a benefit not just for the owner but also as a protection for the employees as well to prevent them from being falsely accused of anything.
Minimize Damage
Specifically fire damage! We talked about it last time on the blog, but fire alarms are a critical piece of any security system – business or otherwise. The earlier a fire is detected, employees and emergency services can fight back, get to safety, or otherwise limit the damages. A simple fire could absolutely devastate a small business without any sort of security in place.
SAVE Money
We know, we know, how can spending money save money. Businesses investing in a security system are making an investment to protect and save their business a lot of heartache in the long run.  A fire alarm costs money now, but saves countless amount as employees are alerted and can safely evacuate. By deterring burglars they prevent any sort of inventory or capital loss.
Our point? Security systems are not an excessive expense. They provide just a huge benefit to businesses of all size. Whether they employee just a fire alarm or opt for video surveillance, card access controls or more. Some protection is better than none.
If you are a small business owner and looking to know whether or not a security system is right for you, the simple answer is: yes! Give us at Central Alarm a call and we can talk about which systems will best be served to keep your business protected, whether it’s a home side hustle or a multi-office enterprise, there is a security answer for those needs. Together we can make your business secure, safe, and you can worry about keeping your business profitable!

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