Here at Central Alarm we care about one thing: your security. That means we want to help you in any way within our power to create a safe, secure environment at home or work, through whatever means available. If that means cameras, guard service, and card access controls, great! We have the tech and techniques to get that done. But unfortunately not everyone owns their living space and that can cause a headache when it comes time to secure it. We’re here to help renters and those living in apartments practice home security for apartments or rentals, whatever it takes to help you feel more secure!
Why Apartment Security
Whether in a house or apartment, home security applies because burglaries are the same. Burglars look for apartments with easy access, they work during the day, and look for ones with easy cover and escape routes.
We have talked about home security for renters and apartments before but it’s time to dive deeper into the subject. Look to those previous entries where we discuss things like rental insurance, knowing your neighborhood, and more. Here are some more helpful, actionable tips to make your apartment secure!
First check with your apartment complex, it is possible they offer a security solution through the leasing office. They may also have someone they recommend. This can be the difference between a hefty fee or negligible cost.
Wireless systems are not only the norm these days but they are also totally ideal for those renting or living in apartments. The wireless nature means they can easily been installed, activated, and maintained wherever you need it. Also, when changing places they become much easier to take with you!
Eye on the Prize
Many of the best home security systems for apartments and renters will involve a camera. That’s because as technologies become faster, better, and cheaper companies are able to pack so much more into the gadgets. A camera can be the hub of an entire apartment security system. These are also, like the wireless systems unobtrusive. They can be set up simply on bookshelves or cabinets or what have you.
Many security systems, truly secure ones, will include sensors that are installed on doors and windows. When it comes to apartment living, this can be a big no-no for your apartment manager. But there are wireless sensors that are coming on the market that can give you the peace of mind you need and leave your windows and walls unmarred. Just like the cameras, pack it all up when the lease is done and set it up at your next place.
The final thing to mention, of course, is renter’s insurance! This covers so much more than just theft! While security systems can alert you to unauthorized access, only some of them can take measures to counteract them, and none of them can stop acts of god like flooding or fires. Homeowner’s and renter’s alike need to have insurance incase of the worst occurring. Security means more than just anti-burglar, it’s anti-catastrophe of all sorts.
If you are looking to get your home secured and you have the go ahead from your apartment managers, give us a call at Central Alarm and we can find the best security solution for your home.

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