Welcome back again to the Central Alarm blog! Last time, we took a bit of a detour to go over a topic we spent some time on over a year ago, apartment security. Now it seems time to piggyback that with a subject of interest to those looking for home security for apartments, the new, ever-evolving capabilities of smart phones and devices! They have home security camera apps, remote locks and more, all available to help you manage your home!
home security camera app
While posting armed guards outside your estate may sound like something out of a cheesy fantasy movie, the truth is there was a point in time where that was just the best option. Now a days, while guards are still a possibility, you don’t need all that hired muscle to protect your home and belongings. Technologies are getting more and more advanced, sensitive, and smaller.
The means of making your home a smarthome when it comes to security can be as simple as turning an old phone into a basic security camera or as intricate as buying the numerous components to totally control all the functions of your home with a tap of your finger. Here are just a couple systems and apps and the ways they can upgrade your life.
Samsung SmartThings Smart Home
This product is a brain for your apartment or home. You can use it to control lights, thermostats, speakers, locks, and more, all from your phone! It also has Amazon Alexa functionality that allows you to talk to it! Obviously it will take a bit of tinkering to get the pieces working just the way you like but if you’re a bit of a techie you’ll no doubt enjoy it. While the sensors and locks controls might not be the absolute best on the market, it does give you some security controls.
ADT Pulse App
ADT is a well-known name in home security. They recently put together a proprietary app for iOS and Android devices! It has a clean display, voice recognition, can connect with a Nest thermostat or Ring doorbell cameras as well as other cameras and automation. It can also activate or deactivate simple security systems! You do, however, need to be an ADT customer so if you don’t already use them for security this app won’t be much use.
There are also apps like the Protect America app. Z-Wave compatible, it can manage cameras, GPS tracking, automation and more. This app is simple! But, like the ADT app you need to be a customer using their plans.
If you don’t already have a home security solution, then going with a company that offers those features you are looking for is a no brainer! If you prefer to have a simple alarm and sensor set up in the home then go that way, but if you want the ability to monitor and manage your home security from your pocket device, there are so many new options available!

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