Welcome back to the premier home security site on the web, home of Central Alarm, serving the Tucson area for years. This time on the blog, we are looking to revisit a topic we have talked about before. Starting way back in 2014, we have talked about home security cameras systems and the uses they serve, we dabbled in the ways to set them up to be the best security. This time we are focusing in on one clear, concrete list: the benefits of home security cameras systems!
home security cameras system mobile
Enhance Your Current Home Security
Home security systems such as alarms, locks, and sensors are prevalent. But camera systems are the next step to total security, allowing for remote monitoring of your home anywhere, anytime. Now that everything can be controlled at the tap of a smartphone, security camera systems (whether for home or business) bring your home’s security right into your pocket. You will know about threats as they occur. Not too shabby.
Saves Money
No, not just in preventing theft (though it certainly does that as well)! Installing a home security camera can see your homeowner’s insurance policy costing you less. Insurance companies recommend it as one of their top ways to make your home safer, and thus less expensive to insure. An initial investment in getting the system set up can easily pay for itself over the years-long lifespan of your policy!
The Best Evidence
If you should ever, knock on wood, be the victim of any sort of crime, theft or otherwise, at your home, video evidence makes for the best kind when it comes to court cases. Having a video recording of the events that unfold, whether breaking and entering or what have you, can give a clear tool for law enforcement and court systems to use to solve the case.
Security Means More Than Theft
As we mentioned earlier, the video feed from the camera to computer or mobile device has made some great waves in the surveillance world. Now you can keep an eye on your home, not just from intruders, but from those inside. From furry family pet to rowdy kids, with a few taps, you can have eyes on your home and be sure that everything is going fine and dandy without you around. You can also keep an eye out on any hired help working in and around your home, should you feel that’s necessary.
Cover Your Low-Traffic Areas
Low traffic areas, behind the garage, or next to an alleyway at your home or in a long hallway and unused office are at a business, are prime spots for simple video coverage. Often these areas don’t net much traffic so it is not necessary to have an entire alarm and sensor set up covering them.
And obviously… the biggest benefit…
Crime Deterrent!
We have talked about it a number of times but it bears repeating. Criminals who have been interviewed about their criminal activity have said time and time again that seeing open signs of a security system (camera included) is often enough to have them looking elsewhere. So, when you’re viewing all of your footage and you lament that lack of activity just remember that. The presence of your camera alone was enough to keep the crooks away!
All of that got you itching to install a new home security cameras system? We hear ya! You can find out a bit more about video surveillance here and if you are ready to get it installed simply contact us today! With a home security set up installed, you can rest easy, save money, and enjoy a complete sense of peace of mind.

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