Did our last blog entry start your mind turning about what it will take to install a home security system? Or perhaps looking to hire guard services for home? When it comes time to upgrade to a real home security solution, you may be asking, just how much does home security cost?! That real answer is complex, made of a few moving parts, so let’s go over it.
how much is home security

How Much Does Home Security Cost?


Assembling a home security system takes a bit of work. Shopping around, hiring a company to install it correctly (unless you think you can do it yourself, which takes up a whole lot more effort!), and making sure it works via regular testing takes effort. That’s just one of the costs of home security. A well-secured home doesn’t just occur out of nowhere.


Getting your home security system set up takes time, not much time, but going from desire to call to installation takes time. It’s not something you want to save until its too late, certainly not until after a break-in! Make a decision for what your home security needs are and don’t hesitate to get that process starting.

And… Yes, Money

Of course! There is of course a financial cost. This varies based off the level of system you’re looking at. Whether it’s simply alarms with motion sensors, card secured entry, or guard service, each comes with a different price tag.
With Central Alarm, that cost can start as low as $26 a month! Contact us and we can build out your home security system solution!
We talked about it last time on the blog, but what does not having home security cost? Well, last year, burglary and larceny-theft accounted for over $100,000,000 in Arizona alone. Not having home security means worry, means a lack of peace of mind, and unfortunately it can mean disaster. We’re not trying to scare you, our readers, so we are not going to go any further in the what could bes.
How much does home security cost? It costs a bit of time. It costs a bit of effort. And with Central Alarm that financial cost, just like time and effort, are all taken care of in a completely reasonable manner and cost. Ready to make that leap? Call us today!

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