Here at Central Alarm, the month of October is a specific one this year. Obviously, one of the biggest things every October is Halloween. It’s the holiday so many look forward to as the summer winds down, decorations are put up everywhere, pumpkin-spice-everything is sold to match the fall mood. But along with it comes the nature of Halloween. Trick-or-treating, spooky garb, and mischief. For the vast majority of people, it is a simple little release and making scares on their friends. But for some, they take up the spirit too far and get into some serious mischief.
With all the people walking the streets in costumes it can be hard to defend your home from that onslaught of troublemakers. Here are some of the best things you can do to keep your property safe and secure over the Halloween holiday.
Halloween Security Tips

Halloween Security Tips

Light it Up

First things first, keep your property well illuminated. Would-be-ne’er-do-wells see a dark space and see a space safe for mischief. Keeping your exterior lights on will deter people from spending much time trying to get up to no good. Instead, they’ll move on to where their activities won’t be as noticed. That’s a win.

Lock Up Tight

Many neighborhoods have a designated cutoff time for trick or treaters, but not all of them do. Decide on a time when you are done with trick or treating (if participating at all) and lock up tight.  When people come around excepting a treat and find none they may react poorly. So lock up well and make sure no one can get passed your gates, doors, garage or what have you.

Garage Guarding

Speaking of garages, use it! An open garage or sitting our car, can be a welcome invitation to folks looking to steal or vandalize. So park your car inside, or at least off the street, and close up tight.

Move Toward Motion Sensor Lighting

While keeping your property well lit can deter trick or treaters, it might also send the message that you are open for business. If you are no longer handing out candy or wish to deter guests from approaching, then putting up motion sensor lighting might be the best of both worlds. Your house and lawn will be dark, sending the signal that you aren’t home and if anyone doesn’t get the message, the sudden spotlights will probably get the message across.

Going Out? Keep It Secret

If you aren’t going to be home Halloween evening, then the best thing you can do is to give the impression that you are in fact home. Keep your interior lights on, a TV playing to make some noise. An empty house is an open target for mischief. Follow the previously mentioned steps and this and your home should be safe and secure for the big night.
No one wants to think that any of the kids going out on Halloween are going to get into trouble. Kids being kids and all that, but there some out there who will gladly use the opportunity to be a cover for their otherwise suspicious and downright criminal activities. The best thing you can do is be proactive and creating an environment that deters them before they even get to it.
If you are in Tucson and you need help developing your home security systems, give us a call here at Central Alarm. We’ll make sure you’re adequately covered for Halloween, and all 364 other days of the year.

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