Welcome back to the Central Alarm home security blog! Last time we went in-depth on Halloween security tips, what things to do to keep your home safe during a holiday that actively encourages mischief. If you don’t have one then you might be considering this question we are going to answer today: ‘Is building your own home security system a good idea?’
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Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Home Security System

Looking into building your own home security system can take a lot of work, but this blog aims to demystify that a little bit. First things first, we’re not talking about building a Home Alone 2-esque Rube Goldberg machine to deter and punish would be robbers. We are talking about putting together different security systems together to provide your home the coverage it needs.

The Cost

Now, when building a home security system from scratch, you may have heard of some business that will sell you the parts to make it. They are out there they exist, but they are also more costly to set up than going through a service like Central Alarm. That’s because you are buying and installing the systems yourself, they cost more and the time and effort used in making sure everything is installed and wired correctly can be a bit of a costly endeavor.
Going with a company like us, you have a clear fee that will include all the installation as well as the systems and the continued upkeep of those devices. Which is a big concern! When you install a system yourself and it is then all up to you, that means you need to stay on top of things, making sure your home security system is operating correctly without any gaps in protection, that batteries are charged, wires aren’t fried, etc.

The Services

Some might say building your own home security system means you get exactly what you need and nothing else. That’s true, if you understand security enough to get the pieces you need. When working with a company such as Central Alarm, you benefit from the decades of home security system experience that all of us have to ensure that every entrance is covered, every angle is seen, and not a loophole is to be found in your system. You’re not paying just for the best quality security products, you are also paying for that experience in how to implement it.

Any Security is Better Than None

But don’t get us wrong. If you want to build a DIY home security system, so long as it works even a fraction as well as a system designed and implemented by us, that is better than nothing. And the more security systems there are dispersed throughout a neighborhood the safer everyone’s homes are. Think of it like herd immunity in animals. When most are secured with security systems (or immune to a disease) then even those that are lacking in a full, robust coverage benefit. That’s good for everybody.
If you are ready to work together to design and implement the exact kind of home security system you need for your property, give us a call, or contact us online so that we can get started. The sooner it’s installed, the sooner it is refined, the sooner it begins providing your home, property, and family a total, comprehensive level of security.

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