Welcome back to the Central Alarm blog! It’s here, the holiday season is truly in full swing! Last time on the blog we gave you a rundown on the kinds of things you should be doing to keep your house safe and secure this winter season, so you know what you need to do. But not everyone you care about is reading our blog (unfortunately) and they could use some help too no doubt! That’s why we’re putting together this blog, a holiday gift guide of home security!

Home Security Gifts

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells pack some of the most punch per buck when it comes to home security upgrades. A video doorbell from Ring, Skybell, Nest or any of the others don’t run too expensive – a basic model runs around $100 on average, but it opens up an entirely new possibility. You don’t have to be home to see who is knocking at your door, they come with motion sensors to start recording whenever someone walks in front of the door so you can see if someone is lifting packages for instance!
These are often easy to install, battery operated, connect to apps on phones and don’t require any greater network for installation. If you have someone in your life who has complained about package thefts before, this might be just the thing for them!

Smart Lights

While you’re out there upgrading their front door, what about smart lights? These can range from individual bulbs with all sorts of tech added to them to full on new fixtures like motion sensing lights. Smart lights can depending on the model, connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, or apps on your phone and smart devices, allowing control remotely.  Set mood lighting, control lights when you’re out of town (and give the appearance of life!), or simply save yourself the effort of getting up.


Touted as an all in one device, the Canary features a camera, motion detection, audio and air-quality sensors to boot! The camera is HD 1080p resolution with an astounding 147-degree view. They even work with the Amazon Alexa technology if you’re already running that smart home functionality. Named after the animal relied on to keep miners safe in those coal mines, the Canary aims to be the one device families need to keep their homes safe. Whether that’s from burglars, break-ins, or poor air!
Smart Home Devices
Speaking of smart home tech Alexa, giving the gift a smart phone might not be the most pressing when it comes to home security but it can certainly amplify the way people interact with their homes and connect into all the other parts of a security system. Google and Amazon both have so many devices that can connect a home together. Voice activated, Wi-Fi enabled, and featuring Bluetooth connectivity, all of the sudden your house is alive.
Smart Locks
Ever arrive at a friend or family member’s house only to sit out in your car waiting for them to arrive and let you in? That wouldn’t be a problem if they had a smart lock system! Things like the August Smart Lock Pro allow you to monitor and control your locks, no matter where you are! If you have an Alexa it works with it to allow for voice control! The August also allows you to keep your current lock and keys, you don’t need to do any serious renovating on your door! Others aren’t so easy to install but have much more sturdy construction to outweigh that hassle.
Conversely, you could always, pay for a year of services from Central Alarm, we can provide the most robust, serious home security service as well as boots on the ground guard services, should that be something they require.
From all of us here at Central Alarm, we wish you happy holidays and we’ll see you in the New Year!

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