The new year brings on many thoughts about your health and safety. You may be questioning if you really need a new security system with full security cameras or not. We are here to tell you just why those cameras can help you and save your loved ones!
There are so many different types of cameras you can get for your home. These can be a full video surveillance around your home, a doorbell with a camera, or just a few motion sensors to warn you. Each of these cameras can be beneficial to you in different ways.
Burglaries take place nearly every 18 seconds in the United States creating nearly 200 break ins per hour. This equates to almost 4,800 break ins every day.
Here are a few reasons why you need security cameras in your new year:

1. Protect your home

By utilizing security cameras you are able to see who is entering and leaving your home. You can place them to be obvious near the doors or have them more hidden such as on a tree. You can also place security cameras within your home in common spaces such as the living room, the kitchen, or the basement. In case your alarm goes off stating motion in your home you can see if someone broke into the house or a bird got in through a cracked window.

2. Remotely monitor your home

If you are traveling or at work, you can place security cameras in the common areas of your home to monitor it remotely. This is a great way, especially when you are far away, to not have to worry about your property. By installing a surveillance system you can sit back and relax wherever you are.

3. Help prevent vandals

You can do everything in the world to prevent vandalism on your property, whether it be a home or business property, and still have vandalism happen to you. Without security cameras vandals can get away with the destruction they cause. Although reporting it to the police may not have them caught, having footage helps tremendously. Setting up security cameras around your property might also help to deter vandals.

4. Monitor your children

Children are constantly running around the house. They are either chasing each other or entertaining themselves and can be exposed to many dangers. By having security cameras in the home where your children often play such as a playroom or even the living room can help keep an eye on the kids. If you have a backyard or a swimming pool nearby it is also smart to keep security cameras in the back that alert you if a child is in any situation. Installing these cameras is also a great way to see how nannies act around your children.

5. Prevent home invasions

Placing security cameras that are obvious to potential intruders help stop home invasions. Often times those looking to rob a home have done their research on the times the homeowner is in and out of the house and whether or not they have a sign for a security system. This also helps you to see who is standing at your door if you are unsure who may be visiting during the day.
Having security cameras and a security system set in place gives you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe. If your house is to be robbed or vandalized more often than not burglars look for homes without security systems. Burglaries often also take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Many of those robbing you also find a window or door that is unlocked and are done in less than 10 minutes. Preparing for the worst will give you the best. Contact us for the best home security system!

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