Welcome back to another entry here on the Central Alarm blog. Last time we started discussing what home and businesses owners should look for when hiring guard services. Things like evaluating their own security needs, and looking at the costs, overt and hidden. It turned out to be a rather large topic, so large in fact that it spilled over into a second blog so here we are picking up the ball and running with it! Without further preamble, let’s continue looking at what else to look for when hiring guard services for your home or business.

Hiring Guard Services – Further Considerations

License, Insured?

While police are invested with power from the local governments and people, security guards need to have the proper paperwork to perform their job. Licensing will show that the guards have undergone training up to state standards. To verify the businesses has it, just ask for their number (ours is #1003424!) they will readily provide it if it isn’t already on display. You can, of course, hire unlicensed guards, they’ll even be cheaper, but the service you’re receiving will reflect that.

Insurance is necessary for any guard services, without it you may be liable for injuries or damage incurred on the job, as it will occur on your property. Doesn’t sound too good, does it? So make sure any company you hire has up to date insurance before signing them on.

Support Services?

Having boots on the ground is an incredible deterrent, but sometimes criminals still think they can get away with it. When that happens, security guards don’t act alone. They follow up with law enforcement, checking buildings for any stolen goods, check out and guard the broken entrance. Having a guard service in place that has the infrastructure and support necessary for rapid and strong response capabilities goes above and beyond one rent-a-cop strolling the property. Find out how many guards to supervisors there are, what the average response time is in case of incidents. Take into account how large their service area is. 15 guards available might sound great, but if they’re spread across an entire metro area the response time is much less desirable.

Uniform Options?

This one might not be quite what you expected but for some businesses it is clutch! Optional uniforms, ranging from police style to plain clothes, can give you a security presence that matches what your needs are. The police-style guard might act as a better deterrent, but it may not meet the feel you want your store to have.

Do They Operate in Your Area?

And last, but certainly not least, does the security company operate in your area! There are many large corporate security businesses out there and while they may have a huge presence online and on TV, they might not be licensed for your state, or not have a post for your city. Finding a security business with guard services that are local to you can also deliver a better experience. These guards live in your community, they want to make sure it’s a better place for everyone! When dealing with a local company, you also get the benefit of being a part of a much tighter service area. Should the company be up to snuff, that means a faster response time for when things do go wrong.

With these questions answered, license number and insurance info in hand you should be able to make the best choice for security guard services for your home or business. If you’re in the Tucson area and want to make the process even easier. Simply contact us and a security professional from Central Alarm will contact you shortly, ready to provide you with every security measure you need to properly secure and protect your home and/or business.