It’s no secret that Tucson boasts some less than desirable numbers when it comes to crime. In the latest crime report, roughly 4400 cases of burglary have been reported in the Tucson Metro area. This doesn’t include every kind of property crime, but theft on one’s property is one of the more preventable types of crime that a home owner can proactively stop.

It is a proven fact that secure systems reduce a burglar’s interest in targeting a home for theft. This is simply a matter of accessibility; when a criminal is choosing a home to target, they will obviously target homes with less protection.

The type of system has also played a role in the defense of your home. The mere appearance of protection carries some level of deterrent, however savvy criminals can typically spot that it is only a façade if they are seriously considering the home for theft.

Monitored systems with cameras play the most significant role in deterring criminals as they understand the danger in being caught on video.

Unfortunately, less than 15% of burglaries result in arrests nationally. What this really means is the point of providing a serious deterrent to keep a home from being targeted in the first place is the most significant role that you can proactively play.

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