At Central Alarm Inc., we understand that knowledge can be a powerful tool to help you avoid being a victim of theft. Once you know, you can then make informed decisions on the road to a better security solution for your home and business. Here are some surprising things that not everyone knows when it comes to the reality of home burglary:

The Burglar Near You

The majority of break-ins are committed by those that live near you. We have an image in our minds of a nefarious character that engages in a city-wide crime spree. In reality however the typical burglar lives within 2 miles of the targeted home. This makes more sense when you understand that most burglars are looking for easy opportunities, and they spend time looking around their local neighborhoods, making note of when they know people are not home, kids are at school, etc. They may also see your family packing up for a vacation and use that as the window of opportunity.

Most Burglaries Occur in Less Than 10 Minutes

This is a statistic that most people have indeed heard, but it’s always important to remember, because a typical burglary results in over $2,200 in loss. That’s an awful lot of loss in a really short span of time. Thieves are interested in speed more than anything, which is typically why it’s so difficult to stop once your home has been targeted and offers an opportunity for the thief.

More than 25% of Burglars Gain Entry Through Unlocked Doors or Windows

This may surprise you, but the number of home owners that do not lock doors or forget to lock a window is surprisingly high, and thieves know this. This is especially true for first floor windows and doors, again playing into the fact that burglars like easy access. Some of these windows can also easily be obscured by vegetation.

Of those that gain entry into the home, an astonishing 34% of burglars gain access through the front door – they simply walk right in!

Practical Steps

These are some very basic practical tips to make your home less attractive to burglars. If you currently do not have a security system, If you currently do not have a security system, we at Central Alarm recommend that you speak to one of our friendly professionals to see some of our very affordable solutions for your safety and security!