Residential security cameras are a fantastic addition that are becoming more and more affordable as the technology improves. One vital mistake that many people make in this area is installing just one single camera in the home or putting cameras in places where you can’t get a great vantage point should someone enter the home.

Television has incorrectly taught us that cameras are much more advanced than they really are, where a camera can zoom and pan around indefinitely within a room and make detailed pictures even in poor lighting and angles.

Just like window and door sensors, cameras should be installed in multiple areas of the home, in appropriate distances to entrances to be able to properly capture both attempted intrusions as well as actual breaches into the home. Consider the locations that provide the best viewing angles for that area, and because every home is different, these can vary dramatically. Also identifying high traffic areas are important because intruders will use the same pathways if possible, to make their jobs easier. Make sure that you position cameras out of reach.

Inside the home, you want to cover stairways or hallways, and in specific areas that will be targeted such as master bedrooms and living areas.

Outside the home, place cameras at the front, back and side doors. Additionally, you will want to place a camera in your garage and driveway.

If a would-be burglar actually sees cameras, they may immediately choose to move on and not target your home. This is important though because even though you avoided a burglary, you now have sufficient evidence to report these individuals to help another home avoid being a target.

These are just some of the considerations when it comes to properly protecting your home. The pros at Central Alarm Inc. can help you quickly identify the best areas, and what equipment will best suit each area. Even if you already have service with us, adding video can be a very cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your home for a small investment. Give us a call today to learn more.

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