There are hundreds of thousands of home security solutions in place that are based on DIY solutions like SimpliSafe. While these solutions can make sense from an economic standpoint, how safe are you really? Are you trading real security for a small amount of savings?

System Hacks

There have been a number of YouTube videos and articles written about how systems like SimpliSafe can be hacked relatively easy to bypass its security features. Moreover, older systems are not patchable, so even if a new system does solve this problem, many homeowners have systems that cannot overcome this defect.

A simple Google search can yield numerous results on both YouTube and Lifehacker on how this is accomplished.

Disrupting Signals

Alternatively, if a thief isn’t quite as tech savvy as hacking through a system, they can choose to disrupt the signal that triggers an alarm when someone enters the home. The Verge covered an article showcasing how a simple third-party device can be used in this way here.

While this isn’t a completely fail-proof method, it illustrates that creative criminals with just a little bit of motivation can bypass these DIY systems without too much trouble.

The Advantage of Monitored Systems

Central Alarm, Inc. provides real time monitoring of your system, meaning that we when we encounter problems or see behavior that isn’t consistent with your security profile, we can begin the process of alerting you and the authorities when necessary. As your local alarm professionals, we have a much higher level of attention to our local customer base. Instead of an almost fully automated platform, we can adjust checks and balances accordingly, secure equipment that is proven to have faults, and work with manufacturers to close gaps in the systems we provide local residents and businesses.