As we’ve discussed before, most criminals that would be looking to get in your home are typically more interested in easy and quick access to a home they know is empty. If you haven’t seen these articles, visit our blog to see more!

Armed with this information, you can make intelligent decisions about your home security when you are not at home.

There are numerous products that are available today in the home automation industry, such as lightbulbs, that are powered by WIFI or Bluetooth technology. In addition to automating heating and cooling, you can also invest in several lights in the home that you can switch on or set timers for to disrupt a potential thief from understanding when your home and when you’re away.

At Central Alarm, Inc. we are using this to your security advantage by providing automation solutions such as doorbells that trigger lights in the house or motion sensors that can trigger actions that take place if someone is moving around the home in the dark.

Contact Central Alarm Inc. today to find out how we can help you make smart decisions using technology that can potentially make a huge impact to your overall safety with sometimes very little effort or that can be added to your existing security solution.