Locking Doors and Windows

As incredible as it sounds, about 1/3 of home break-ins happen at the front door where burglars simply walk right through the front door. Many homeowners keep a spare key somewhere close by for personal use or letting friends in and out. No matter how well you think you’re hidden the key, most criminals can find the location with relative ease (usually it’s in a similar spot). Keep your doors and windows locked, especially when you leave the home, and keep spare key copies with several neighbors. These tips will immediately eliminate your home from being an instant target for burglary.

Buy a Safe

Hiding valuables in a coffee can in the freezer may sound clever, but thieves know exactly where to find secret caches. Instead, invest in a home safe, and secure it properly by bolting to the floor or wall. Also, do not leave the keys close at hand. This negates the purpose of the safe. Keep the keys to the safe on your own keyring. Research is consistent, and it’s backed up by the admission of burglars, that the single most effective deterrent is making your home and valuables less accessible at every turn. If your home can’t be breached and looted quickly, it’s likely they’ll move on to another home.

Keep Your Yard Groomed

Criminals gravitate to homes they can break into without being seen. Overgrown bushes, shrubs and trees provide a great way for thieves to take their time. This goes for both the front yard and the back yard. This is especially true if your home has a back alley, where there is likely to be less attention to begin with. Trim bushes and clear brush to open wide sightlines to your doors and windows.

Let Technology Do the Talking

Along with having a yard with good sight-lines is using basic technology to ward off criminals. Lights that turn on at night and illuminate pathways and entries are essential, and lights that are set on motion sensors that trigger along areas around the home provide an excellent deterrent for those that want to remain hidden.

It also goes without saying that the number one deterrent for a criminal entering your home is a security system. Universally thieves will look for a home that isn’t protected as an easy target. This is where Central Alarm Inc. shines because our professionals know security systems inside and out, and we can work with you to set up a system that can fit any budget and provide that lasting peace of mind that comes with whole home protection.