Doors and windows are the clear pathways into the home. In addition to smart security decisions, like having an active system that is monitored by professionals such as Central Alarm, home owners can employ a few common sense additions to just make it difficult enough that gaining entry into the home isn’t worth it.


The obvious first step is to ensure you have a deadbolt in your doorframe. This doesn’t usually apply to new homes however there are many older homes that deadbolts are not installed, or are non-functioning. Inspect your current deadbolts as well – if they were not installed properly or the wood has been compromised, it can easily collapse if a door is kicked in.

Use Correct Hardware

As previously mentioned, make sure that your materials are not only in good shape, but also that they were installed correctly. For example, using longer screws when mounting door hardware will significantly increase its strength when a door is forced open. Sometimes deadbolts are installed so that they lock into place without the metal bracket, which will also provide a poor support in case of a forced entry.

Sliding Doors

Many Tucson homes have sliding glass doors in the back. These can be easily bypassed because their locks are very simple. The easiest way to fix this vulnerability is to add a slide bar. They are simple, effective and cheap.

Security Doors

The most costly additional layer of security you can add are metal security doors that can be added to an entry area. This extra layer of protection can be an easy way to deter potential thieves because it doubles the number of entries that need to be bypassed to enter the home.

Pet Doors

This is a tough topic. They offer convenience, but at the cost of security. Gaining access to a home through a dog or cat door is relatively simple. There are ways to add security to pet doors to help mitigate this gap in your security, and our professionals can work with you to make decisions that make the most sense for you.

Don’t Forget About Windows

Windows can also be reinforced around your home by installing shatterproof glass that is resistant to tampering and breakage. Windows can also be reinforced with metal grating or decorative metal art. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about Tucson alarm systems that are designed to protect homes and businesses.

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