During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are home for a bit more than usual, if not working from home regularly. This may be an ideal time to look at some of your security measures at home and also at your office.

Home Owners

If you haven’t done a security check on your doors, windows and other entries, or have been putting off installing a security system, then this is the right time for both of these steps. This allows you to make an accurate assessment of your property and we can work with you to determine what type of system works best for your family’s safety and budget.

While most people are hunkered down, there are opportunities for criminals to take advantage. And if more people get desperate because of a long-term community shut down, then you want to ensure you are protected.

Business Owners

This is a specific comment to small business owners that have been deemed “non-essential” in the community. If your location is empty, are you adequately protected from theft? If you don’t know the answer to this question, or can’t readily say if a break-in occurs what your immediate next steps are, we invite you to call us today.

Simple monitoring solutions can ensure that criminals do not take advantage of fewer people being around business properties.

Don’t Forget – We’re Still Operating!

The great news is that Central Alarm Inc is still operating and if you have any questions or concerns about your security at home or at your business, our professionals can work with you to make smart and budget conscious decisions. Our teams have been fully trained with personal protective equipment (PPE) in adherence to CDC guidelines and our phone support is second to none.

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