Criminals that would break into your home thrive on obscurity and speed.  In order to enhance your overall security profile, we need to look for ways that universally provide better protection if someone is looking to burglarize your home.

Based on decades of research, there are three areas that are bullet proof ways to greatly enhance your home security:


This remains one of the highest deterrents that keep your home safe.  Being able to see what someone is doing in and around your home is the single greatest advantage a criminal has to gaining access to your belongings.  If they are clearly visible at all vantage points of your home, both front and back, there is a much higher chance they will pass your home by for an easier target.

Trimming bushes, shrubs and trees that obscure entrances will ensure that the can’t spend the time necessary to break into the home without being seen.

Tall fences in the back may look good aesthetically but remember the compromise is that if someone can easily gain access to the back yard and they can be completely unseen, this can pose a security threat.  This becomes a much higher problem if you have a dedicated alley that would allow a thief to bring a vehicle to a back gate.

Lighting is another important aspect in this category.  If entrances are well-lit, and pathways to the back of the structure have large amounts of lighting or lights set to motions sensors, this is a huge deterrent to a would-be burglar.

Prominent Security

Showcasing that you have a security system in place goes a long way to deter criminals.  Having for example a Central Alarm protection sign in front of your home is an immediate visible deterrent if a criminal is looking at your home to potentially steal belongings from.

As security gets more advanced, criminals are also able to see that you have sensors on your windows that will be triggered if the glass is broken or the window is opened.

Get a Dog

There is some debate on whether this is actually a deterrent.  Based on research conducted by interviewing convicted criminals, dogs are always considered an additional challenge when breaking into a home.  They are loud, potentially hostile and complicate entry and exit from the home.  If you are considering getting a dog already, this may be one more reason to proceed.


The professionals at Central Alarm are here to help secure your home today.  Our modern equipment and fully monitored solutions provide you with cutting edge security.  While these are ways that you can secure your home, we go a step further and can use advanced technology such as surveillance, doorbell cameras, smart locks, whole-home smart systems and much more.  Please contact us today to set up a completely free home security assessment that includes a wide range of pricing options.

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