If you are considering buying or building a new home, the question about security comes into play: what kind of system should we install in our new home?

If you are building a new home, this is an exciting time for home owners because they can see their home come together from the ground up.  If you are building a new home, what we recommend is having a conversation with one of our security specialists to get a complete picture of your options.  Should you use a traditional wired system?  Should you use a completely wireless system?  What are the advantages and disadvantages?  Should we plan on having cameras around the home?  There are some important questions that can dictate how you plan some of your wiring solutions during construction.

Technology advancements are happening quickly.  Home owners that have “cutting edge” systems from even 5 to 8 years ago might be surprised to learn about huge advancements in technology in even that short amount of time.  Central Alarm offers solutions ranging from security that is available to mobile phones to home lighting automation.

Buying a new home could be great opportunity to move into a completely automated smart home that ties your whole home security into your mobile device for easy management and viewing.  Go to work and take vacations with the peace of mind knowing you have a full view of your entire security profile and complete monitoring from a local trusted provider!

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