Neighbors can be one of the more powerful tools when it comes to security.  Our end-of-summer tip is if you haven’t begun building relationships with your neighbors, maybe it’s time to fire up your grill and get to know the neighbors.

Familiarity Creates Safety

Criminals thrive on obscurity.  There is a reason that active local neighborhood watch groups consistently reduce crime.  If someone that doesn’t belong in the neighborhood is seen checking homes for security or seeing which homes might be prime targets for theft, and they are approached or it’s clear that neighbors are keeping track of them, those criminals will typically move on to another area.  Making visible cues that you see unknown people in your neighborhood is a huge deterrent.

Emergency Plans

Neighbors can also play a big role in emergency plans.  When your family knows to meet at a certain location if an emergency strikes, such as a house fire, it’s can also be important to have neighbors become a meeting place.  Neighbors can also be familiar with necessary requirements such as whether or not family members require life saving medications such as inhalers or insulin.

Have Neighbors Check In

If you are on vacation or out of the home for a day, having neighbors that can check in on your home go a long way to ensure that it’s not a target for theft.  If a criminal suspects your home will be vacant for a few days but can visibly see others checking in on the property, this creates an immediate apprehension to break into the home.

In addition to a great security system, make sure you invest in your local community as well.  Knowing your neighbors have your back and you have theirs is an easy way to maintain a healthy and safe environment for you and your family.