Central Alarm has been dedicated to your safety since the 1930s.  We’re a trusted name in security for both home and business security solutions right here in Tucson.  As we continue to grow, develop new technologies and solutions for your customers, we want to help our local families maintain a clear way to stay safe from danger that threatens your home.

As a family, it’s important for those in your home to know what to do in the event of an emergency.  This can include natural disaster, break-ins, fire alarms or any other kind of emergency.  Here are just a few areas that you can help keep your family safe:

Fire Safety Plan

Make sure you communicate a safety strategy with anyone that lives in your home.  This includes how to most effectively exit the home and where to meet up afterward.  This also includes ensuring that children understand they are not to try and find pets or valuables but to exit the home immediately.  We sometimes take for granted knowledge as an adult and fail to communicate that to minors living in the home.

For example, telling someone to feel a door or doorknob for warmth prior to opening the door in a potential fire situation is important so that they can change tactics to exit through a window can save lives.

Take the time to communicate these necessities to your family!

Alarm Plan

At this point, we’re assuming that you have a security system in place and are actively using it.  If you don’t, we invite you to call Central Alarm today.  Our helpful technicians can help get you into a system that meets your needs and budget.

In the event of an alarm sounding, children should immediately lock the doors to their bedrooms. They should not roam the home looking for the cause of the alarm.   Contrary to what we see in the entertainment, do not make a lot of sound to indicate to an intruder that they have messed with the wrong house.  At the initial point of a break-in, you are not sure how many people are in your home or what they are specifically after. Adults should call 911 immediately and speak very clearly and concisely to emergency personnel.

Keep an Open Line of Communication with Neighbors

A crucial difference between safe and unsafe neighborhoods actually usually lies in the connections with neighbors.  There is a reason why neighborhood watches remain one of the most effective ways to reduce crime in any area.  We recommend that you build at least a baseline relationship with your neighbors to remain open to letting them know when you will be out of town, if you see suspicious behavior around the area and exchange phone numbers in case of emergency.

Keep an Emergency Bag Available

In the event of an injury or fire in the home, it’s important to plan on having critical medication and supplies available right away such as inhalers, heart medication, epinephrine autoinjectors (EpiPens), insulin and others.  Have a bag that is maintained regularly in a place that is easy to grab in a bedroom that is small enough to take with you immediately in an emergency.

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