The unthinkable has happened – someone has broken into the home during the night.  Now what?  The most important thing is to remember a plan you’ve already come up with, which is why we always recommend that you have a working understanding in your mind of what to do.  Otherwise in a state of adrenalin in the moment, you might make poor choices.  What are some tips to keep in mind in this situation?

Call 911 Immediately – Get on the phone right away with emergency staff.  In the event of a monitored system being in the home, the authorities likely have already been alerted, but emergency personnel will be able to confirm the moment that police have arrived and when they have cleared the home.  That ensures you can come out safely.

Weapons Are a Last Resort – Unless you are a trained professional, it is not recommended that you grab a weapon and confront the intruders.  At this point you are unsure how many intruders are in the home and what they are after.  It is far more effective to maintain a distance between you and them in places they cannot easily access.  Weapons should be considered a last resort when the issue is forced.

Don’t Make a Sound – Remain quiet and stay barred into locked areas that are not easily accessible.  If you can easily escape the home to go to a neighboring home, that is another option.

Keep Your Car Keys at Hand – Keeping car keys at hand not only shuts off potential get-away vehicles to criminals but at this point you can use the panic button on your remote if you have one.  This kind of noise can also deter criminals and force them to flee.

Don’t forget that your family is the most important thing to keep safe during these of situations.  Belongings can easily be replaced.  Remember that the actions you take are designed to maintain safety for everyone in the home!

As always, Central Alarm offers fully monitored solutions that provide the peace of mind you need to ensure the safety of your family.  If you don’t currently have an alarm system in place, or you don’t have one that is monitored, we recommend that you contact us today for a completely free security evaluation and quote.  We have a huge range of options with varying price points and can meet the needs of any budget!