Our goal is to help everyone in our local Tucson community as safe as possible. While we’re utilizing technology to help keep you safe, we at Central Alarm have a few practical tips to help create a better sense of security around your home. These strategies are designed to help make your home less of a target to begin with. While alarm systems are proven to be the most relevant deterrent, it doesn’t stop practical applicable strategies from becoming very useful.

Don’t Display Expensive Products

For example, perhaps one of the most obvious and frequently overlooked aspects of protecting your home from break-ins is to avoid leaving things around that are of value. Leaving valuables in clear sight of thieves is an invitation for them to take what does not belong to them. From expensive bicycles to motorcycles and a full range of valuables, homeowners often leave things in their front yard or on their porch or in their driveway that makes it easy and convenient for crooks to take whatever they choose.

This also goes for keeping curtains wide open where people can clearly see expensive equipment in your home. We recommend that if you don’t have shades on your home, invest in opaque curtains that can be drawn while you are not home or at night when everyone is asleep. Adding an additional element of uncertainty can be a powerful deterrent to a burglar.

Don’t Leave Trash Cans Out Over Night

Thieves have no scruples when it comes to rifling through your garbage cans. Finding discarded mail and receipts can not only provide an identify theft risk, but it also tells the thief what kinds of products you are purchasing and might have inside the home.

The simplest way to avoid this kind of issue is to take your trash cans out the day of pickup rather than leaving them out over night. This small detail can save you a considerable amount of hassle if your security is compromised.

Lock Up Your Mailbox

Mail theft is a much larger problem than most people give credit. Driving down the street and stealing mail out of your mailbox is an incredibly easy way to intercept mail that can be taken advantage of, such as credit cards, loan offers and important documents. This is also a very simple fix by installing a lockable door that still allows your mail carrier to insert letters but cannot be simply opened. As a very low level investment it can yield a very high return for safety or identity theft.

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