Tucson unfortunately is not always the safest city. And while there are communities that have less burglary that others, it’s important to be aware of our surroundings to keep safety at a high level. We’ve covered some of these topics in previous posts, but it’s always important to go over the basics for those that have not been exposed to some of these basic concepts and to also provide a refresher for those that have.

How Criminals Case a Home

The number one thing that criminals look for in a home that is worth breaking into is accessibility. When the opportunity to quickly gain access to a home that is likely to contain valuables that is when a home is often times burglarized. These are the primary components of a burglar that is looking for accessibility to a home:

If you have not taken some time to inspect the overall shape of your property in these areas, we encourage you to spend some time in the next couple of weeks to address any weak spots. If you’re currently not being protected by a security system and want that layer of protection, then please Reach Out to Central Alarm today!