As a small business owner, you know the struggle to maintain a healthy business. The very last thing you can deal with is a security issue disrupting a day that otherwise is used to help bring cashflow to your bottom line. At Central Alarm, we’re not only residential security specialists but we’ve been providing our local Tucson business community with security solutions for decades! Here are some basic security tips that every small business owner should take into consideration.

Ensure Entrances are Lit

Taking the time to light entry ways and walkways into the business is one of the primary ways you can easily and affordably make it difficult for criminals to target your business. Well-lit areas are not considered easy targets of opportunity for a thief. Adding motion sensors to additional lighting can make an even bigger impact as it automatically draws attention.

Get Reinforced Steel Doors

Small businesses need to have the front line protection for all exterior doors. Steel or reinforced wood are essential for entries into the business. Avoid any kind of doors that have decorative glass. Also consider replacing glass near doors with sturdier building materials because a window can easily be broken to bypass a reinforced door.

Close Blinds After Hours

Don’t give thieves the chance to window shop by leaving blinds open after you’ve closed your shop for the day. Making sure that you shut out the lights on the inside of your office won’t tempt any passing potential robbers.

Change Keys and Passwords Often

As employees come and go, if you do not update your passwords or change locks on a frequent basis, you have a potentially huge security problem. This is an area that we often times ignore because it’s a hassle and we don’t have time to deal with it. It may not even be previous employees but individuals that they know that can target your company if they have access to keys or codes.

Using tools like dynamically changing locks or keyless entry can dramatically increase your overall security profile.

Perform Regular Inspections

Taking a moment to do a quick inspection of the exterior of your building can help ensure you see weak spots in your security. Perhaps employees frequently leave exterior doors open after breaks you might notice that there is open access to the roof. Noticing these gaps and addressing them is far easier than dealing with it after a break-in.

If you want to learn more about how to keep your business safe from potential threats, then we invite you to contact us today to find out how. One of our security specialists can help you start down the pathway to a safer tomorrow!

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