Based on current crime statistics in Tucson 2021, you have a 1 in 29 chance of being the victim of property crime. While this number also includes auto theft, the majority of car theft takes place at the home. These numbers will differ based on your specific geography, but the unfortunate fact is that even well to do neighborhoods or even gated communities are not immune to burglary or theft. In fact, gated communities can provide a false sense of security with the assumption that no unauthorized individuals can access your property. Some home owners in these communities have far less security measures due to this assumption.

We want you to take the time to realistically assess your home security level and take practical steps to protect your property and loved ones. Most modern security solutions today automate much of the work to actively maintain adequate security.

Plus, having a modern security solution in place makes going on vacation a whole lot easier. You can rest easy abroad knowing your home is safe with monitoring in the palm of your hand. This can be especially valuable if you have a second home that you visit for months at a time.

Central Alarm’s residential security professionals can do an assessment of your home and offer a practical security plan for your home that might include motion sensors for lighting crucial areas of your property, basic cameras with monitoring and a professional system that can’t be tampered with. We’re here to help you know your property is safe and secure when you’re away and at home!

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