As we continue to explore and help you make better decisions to secure your business, check out information below to learn how to better protect your business!

Upgrade to Keyless Entry

When it comes to access security, there really is no contest between physical keys and a keyless entry system. Physical key access by it’s very nature ensures that unaccounted access to your business exists that you can’t monitor. Even smart-key systems require you to remember to reset locks frequently and can still be picked by a savvy criminal.

These solutions can include keycard or code based access (or a combination of both). Keyless entry provides both physically upgraded security but also monitoring. Access is recorded and logged so that unauthorized access can be traced back to individual employees based on their codes or keycards. They can also be integrated into a smartphone app.

Be Friendly to Customers

Being friendly to customers, even potential shop lifters, remarkably can keep your business safer. Statistics and research shows that criminals are more likely to steal from stores that they feel were rude to them or offered bad customer service. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention only three percent of shoplifters are “professional shoplifters” who are economically motivated. Which means that the overwhelming majority of shoplifters are doing it in the spur of the moment based on social or personal pressures.

Install a Security System

Obviously, we can be a bit bias when it comes to this tip. You however can’t argue with the truth. Consistently in studies criminals have as much as a 60% chance to automatically dismissing you as a potential target because of a security system in place. Burglars usually select targets of opportunity and this is a major deterrent.

We can provide modern alarm solutions like cameras, doorbell cameras, keyless entry solutions, monitoring and phone app access.

Professional monitoring with a system like Central Alarm also gives you a leg up from popular DIY alarm systems because we have a local team of monitors that can handle situations like false alarms, power outages or attempts to tamper or bypass the system.

Central Alarm offers local Tucson businesses with security solutions from professional monitoring to guard service. If you want to take your business security to the next level and enjoy true peace of mind, Contact Us today to learn more.

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