One of the most cost-effective methods to reduce break-ins for homes is to keep burglars confused or guessing. We’ve covered numerous times before that most break-ins or burglaries are crimes of opportunity and timing. When thieves are uncertain about what they typically target for home theft, that is a major deterrent.

Statistically, most home burglaries occur when you when people are at work during the day. The strategy is to purposely create this sense of uncertainty to would-be thieves that might ordinarily target your home. Using some of these technologies include creating automated lighting systems both on the exterior and the interior of the home that are based on motion.

Doorbell cameras and motion sensing cameras as also a very effective option because it gives you on-demand visibility of your home along with audio capabilities to deter individuals that might be casing your home for theft.

Central Alarm Inc. has a wide variety of home automation techniques and technology in order to build this very thing for your home.

Simple steps such as adding more locking mechanisms that need to be bypassed to gain entry into the home is another effective tool to keep burglars out. Adding locks on exterior gates and fences, or adding security screen doors to back and front entrances are another effective option. Window bars can also be an effective tool, however most home owners don’t like the look. Alternatively, drawing curtains or shades to reduce visibility into the home can block access to immediately viewing valuables. You can also post alarm verification stickers, such as those we at Central Alarm provide, to each window in the back of your home.

These are just some of the types of deterrents that can keep your home safer. Talk to one of our home security experts to learn how surprisingly affordable security can be.