Today we’re not just seeing varying levels of crime escalation, but we’re also seeing criminal behavior vastly shift. For example, 10 years ago the idea of delivery package theft was non-existent. Today it’s a growing trend for criminals because of easy access and low risk. These are some of the practical reasons that adding video surveillance to your security system is just good common sense.

Residential Applications

The most common modern application is the addition of a simple doorbell camera. This useful technological advancement offers both safety and security keeps an eye on your front door that can include voice integration. Criminals think twice about stealing packages from your front door knowing they are being recorded. While it can’t stop all theft, it is a low investment solution to deter a large margin of possible burglary.

Adding visible cameras around your property also provide a very effective deterrent for criminals that immediately understand they are visible as they move around the home. Thieves are almost always going to be looking for easy opportunities, and having no idea if the property owner can literally see them moving around the home and could be calling the police is a high motivator in moving on to another target.

In most cases newer more modern video additions can be added with very little wiring. These advanced tools can also be accessed through smartphone apps for access from work or vacation.

Storefronts to Professional Offices

As a business owner, no one cares about your company more than you. As much as you may want to trust our employees and customers, it’s also prudent to protect your assets by maintaining a vigilant watchful eye on those that frequent your business. This isn’t only for practical considerations to avoid theft. It’s also important to maintain a record of who has come and gone from your property in case a crime is committed now or in the not-so-distant future. In the case of an actual crime, these can be very helpful for law enforcement during an investigation.

As a business owner, just like you need insurance, we highly recommend taking the steps to secure your business with some kind of

How to Get Started

There are still many options for CCTV (closed circuit television systems) for both businesses and residential applications. Technology however has really advanced to the point where in many cases you add wifi capable camera systems to an existing system or a completely stand alone system. Our experts can help you navigate the pros, cons, costs and installation requirements of the different available systems.

Contact Central Alarm Today and we can provide you with some valuable information on how to get started today for both homes and businesses!.

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