It probably won’t surprise you to hear that technology moves pretty quickly. The security industry is no exception. In general security usually falls in the “set it and forget” it category of our daily living. Like many of these similar things, we end up waiting a lot longer than we realize to make sure that it’s both working properly and that it’s up to date. You might have a decade old system that has none of the conveniences of more modern systems.

Is It Even Working?

Make sure that if you have an alarm system that it’s actually operational. Imagine if your system is only partially functioning, and someone breaks a window, but the system does not recognize all of the sensors and it goes undetected. You aren’t actually sure if all of it is completely functioning until you do a diagnostic and verify all of the sensors are active and communicating.

Does It Still Fit Your Needs?

Maybe you are using an alarm system that was there when you first moved into a home and it has been several years. Do you know if it’s actually connected to an outside monitoring solution? If someone breaks into your home, does it alert the police? Is there are fire alarm integration? Does it have smartphone integration?

Or perhaps you set up a very rudimentary security system with only door sensors because it wasn’t that important. But over the last few years you now have more valuable belongings and a family with pets. You now want to add fire protection and ensure all entries are covered with features like breaking glass detection.

Maybe you simply want complete access to your entire system remotely through phone and web apps.

If you are still using only the security sign you got from a neighbor and don’t even have an actual system in place, or you have a decade old DIY security system in place, we recommend taking a couple hours on a Saturday morning to test your current system and do a substantial audit of your security needs.

Schedule a Free Consultation!

If you would like to schedule a completely free at home walkthrough and audit of your security needs, we would love to hear from you. Our goal is to ensure your security based on your needs and budget, and we know you’ll be surprised by how affordable a complete peace-of-mind robust security solution can be. Give us a call today to find out more!