Central Alarm is committed to the ongoing development and implementation of modern security solutions for our customers. Security for home owners and business owners alike can oftentimes go out of sight and out of mind because of the passive status that security takes in our lives. Similar to police or other emergency personnel, it only becomes immediately visible when there is a problem.

And that can lead to systems and technology becoming antiquated.

Do yourself a favor, for the sake of your employees, loved ones, peace of mind and the overall security of your valuable – take an interest in the status of your security system from time to time to ensure you have a security system that meets your needs and is working properly. Additionally, you might see new features coming out that you want to save time and energy, like doorbell cameras or smartphone apps.

You might be surprised at how many advancements are made year over year in the area of security. These improvements include reliability, convenience and access using devices like your phone with notifications to help you more accurately see your security status in real time.

We’re recently introduced a host of new technologies and solution to help our customers get the very best experience, performance and value of their security system. Including informational videos on how best to utilize these systems. You can view those directly below. And if you have any questions about how we can improve or modernize your security system, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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