With the end of the year among us, a lot of people are beginning to plan on taking time off from work and visiting family for the Holidays.  So naturally you’ll want to keep your home as safe as possible while you are away.  Nothing can spoil the Christmas season like a home burglary!  Here are some quick tips just to make sure you cover the basics:

Make a list – and check it twice!  Putting a list together of things to handle, such as locking the back door, closing and locking the windows, setting the alarm, turning on the light timers, closing the garage door, etc can go a long way to making sure you handle all the small details in the hussle of leaving town.

Our customers that subscribe to Home Complete are able to control their HVAC systems right from the app.  So if this a feature you would like to subscribe to or upgrade to, please contact us today.

With that, have a safe and healthy trip!

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