Happy New Year from Central Alarm!

If putting a priority on professional security solutions for your home as been something you’ve been thinking about but putting off, we encourage you to start the year off right and take control over your home security today.

If any of these describes your current situation, we’d love to hear from you today and let one of our professionals provide a completely FREE security audit of your home.

We also offer competitive prices that not only compare and beat national providers, but also DIY solutions and include professional local monitoring.  You are not only providing a better level of security for your home, but you’re also helping keep your dollars in the local Tucson community.  That’s a win-win that anyone can get behind!

You can start the year checking off a huge to-do item that benefits you and your family while also providing a huge feature boost such as doorbell cameras, remote access, mobile device access and more.

Find out how you can get started today and click here!

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