Spring Break is right around the corner, and most families are getting ready to pack up and head out of town to vacation spots all around the United States. Is your home ready for your trip out of town? There are a few tips we can offer other than don’t put your travel dates on Facebook or Instagram!


It’s the easiest tip of all – tell your neighbors you’ll be out of town and ask if they can pick up packages and get your mail while you are gone. Not only does this make sure your items aren’t being stolen outright, but packages left on the doorstep for days are a dead giveaway that no one is home. This instantly makes your home a potential target.


Lighting plays a key role in basic security. Exterior lights that can illuminate areas around the home that people can hide or navigate around is crucial to making your home less of a target. Outdoor floodlights that are on timers, or automated motion lights, are a low-cost investment to vastly increase your home security rating.

Security Technology

Is your security system working properly and has been tested recently? Don’t wait until the day you leave to make sure it’s functioning or worse find out that it doesn’t work properly while you are gone. Hopefully you are using a modern system, such as the systems we offer in our ongoing affordable monthly security service, that provides you with remote access and mobile tools.

Using a security system that is advanced enough to allow you to monitor your home via a smart phone, tablet or desktop is an incredibly good tool to ensure you know your home is safe.


Does your security system have 24/7 professional monitoring in the event of a fire or break-in? If it doesn’t, we want to hear from you because we feel like any security system that can help you protect your home should include this feature. Call us today and we’d love to show you how affordable it can be!

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